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About Larry Vice

Photography and Fine Art are my passion. I like found object art and I like to upcycle wood and other objects into my works. I'm basically self taught. I did take some art courses at Long Beach City College majoring in art design. I love the freedom that art provides and most of my projects are started with no preparations. I like to be surprised myself at the final outcome. As they say, "There are no mistakes in art". My favorite inspirational artist is Picasso.

I feel the most alive when I am in the middle of a project. Sometimes it is sort of sad when a piece is finally complete, like ending a good book. I hope I can continue to create the rest of my life. I don't sell too many pieces because I like to enjoy my accomplishments in my home and show them to my friends and family. If I do sell a piece it is like saying goodbye to a dear friend. 

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